David Alley

Auctioneer, Developer

David is the President of Alley Realty and Auction, founded in 1966 by his father. His love of the auction profession and the development and sales of personal estates truly makes him a great ambassador for the profession of which he is so fond.
David has personally owned, developed and sold at auction over 42 residential developments in East Tennessee. Having a background in construction management, development, marketing and sales, David is equipped to serve a variety of clientele. David’s objective is to create manageable solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems. Implementing proven aggressive business plans, with time being of the essence, is core to David’s dealings in the real estate profession.
• Founding member of Nucleus of Knoxville
• Knoxville Board of Realtors
• National Auctioneer Association
• West Knoxville Rotary
• Dale Carnegie Sales Institute
• Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian Church
• CAI Auctioneers Institute



Alley Auction Company will put your real estate to market at blinding speed. Signs, webcast, video, drones, e-blasts, targeted recipients, newspaper, press releases, brochures printed and distributed.

Our database and introduction to marketing techniques have tremendous response to quickly get your real estate to the buyer.

The biggest benefits of a professionally run auction or what we like to call the four C’s and a P.

CONCLUSIVE: An auction will bring a buying public to your real estate. Most properties are sold within a 30-day window allowing you to move on with the most important parts of your life.

CONTROL: At auction, you set the terms, dates, deposits, open house, and closing with all facets of the process under your control. No more conditional offers and inspections, your property can be sold as is with no warranties or guarantees, taking the guesswork out of “will this property pass inspection and close” questions. No more conditional contracts requesting you the seller to spend money on improvements in order to make a sale.

CLOSING: Imagine knowing that in 30 days your property will be sold and ready to close. Your closings are a contingency free process, date, set and time and kiss your real estate good-by.

PRICE: Here’s the best part when markets Collide you win. Often times auctions are the best way to determine price especially with unique and different properties. Alley auction Prides itself on perfecting the perfect recipe for branding Market and problem solving to produce the highest and best price for your real estate.

COST: Time is money! Imagine knowing that in 30 days you eliminate interest, taxes, landscaping, insurance, maintenance and upkeep on real estate. funding other purchases. We have helped many families through the process of eliminating an estate and creating equity for families.

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